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O. DiBella Music stands among the oldest family-owned music retail businesses in the country. Still run by members of its founding family, the Bergenfield, New Jersey, store holds its own a with an Old World formula: a wide range of products, and services; a knowledgeable and exceptionally loyal staff; and a top-down respect for customers.

O. DiBella Features

  • Sales and Rentals of Musical Instruments, Sound Systems and Lighting
  • Installations of Audio Visual equipment, Sound Systems and Stage lighting
  • A Large Instrument Repair Department and Music Lessons

O. DiBella’s location features a 6,500-square-foot showroom with a lower level that accommodates ten lesson rooms, a repair shop, and warehouse space. The showroom includes areas dedicated to print music, digital keyboards, drums and percussion, guitars and amps, and horns and orchestral strings as well as semi-discrete rooms for basses and amps, high-end guitars, and pro audio and lighting.

"But more than any events, promotions, or special sales, it's O. DiBella's friendly vibe and capable, caring sales staff that define it in the highly competitive northern New Jersey market. "There used to be a million mom-and-pop stores," muses 45-year veteran Jim K. "We're not quite in that classic category anymore, where it's literally a little old mom and pop running the business, but we're a single storefront, we're family-owned, and our people know what they're talking about. The DiBella’s have always been good to their customers, and they treat their employees like family. That's probably why the business has been around so long."

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