JZ Music Step-Up Flute (FLSB)

SKU:  ae00-6578
Manufacturer Part #:  FLSB

The days of playing a quality-made instrument at an affordable price are not over. The all new JZ Music FLSB Step-Up Flute offers advanced features at an affordable price; including:

  • Solid Silver Headjoint
  • Silver Plated Body, Footjoint and Mechanism
  • B Foot Key
  • Open Hole Keys
  • French Pointed Arms
  • French Style Case With Lined Cover

  • Model: FLSB
    Manufacturer: JZ Music

    JZ Music Step-Up Flute (FLSB)

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    SKU:  ae00-6578^FLSB
    Manufacturer Part #:  FLSB
    Weight:  6.00
    ODM Price: $840.00