JZ Music Double French Horn, 8D style Kruspe Wrap FRE8D

SKU:  ae00-6413
Manufacturer Part #:  FRE8D
The JZ Music FREDK Kruspe-style double French horn features a lacquer finish, 12.25" medium throat bell, and lightweight fabric covered case. It's a popular choice with schools and an affordable option for parents.

  • Kruspe Wrap
  • .468" Bore
  • Clear Lacquer Finish
  • Fabric-Foam Case with Wheels
  • #12 Mouthpiece

  • "The affordable option in double French horns."

    Gold lacquer 15

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    SKU:  ae00-6413^FRE8D
    Manufacturer Part #:  FRE8D
    Weight:  15.00
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