BG Mouthpiece Cushions - Black, Large BGA10L


BG Mouthpiece Cushions protect your valuable mouthpiece from your teeth and provide comfort from annoying vibrations. Use BG Mouthpiece Cushions on your best reeds when they're dying or on new defective out-of-the-box reeds.

Additional Features:
  • Extends Reed Life
  • Improves Sound
  • Warmer Sound
  • Removes Fuzzy Sounds
  • More Stability Through All Registers
  • Stabilizes Thin Cane & Synthetic Reeds

  • Each order contains 1 6-pack of A 80 L Large 0.8mm Mouthpiece Patches

    Model: BGA10L
    Manufacturer: BG
    BG Mouthpiece Cushions - Black, Large BGA10L
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