Axos Seles Professional Eb Saxophone by Selmer Paris 52AXOS

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Manufacturer Part #:  52AXOS
The Seles Axos saxophone is made in the Henri Selmer Paris factory located in Mantes-la-Ville, France, in the same factory as all other models since 1922. Like all top-of-the-range Henri Selmer Paris instruments, this model continues the tradition of craftsmanship manufacturing integrating new industrial techniques.

Axos is made with the same quality metals as the other Henri Selmer Paris saxophones. The way in which the strategic part of the saxophone, the bore, is treated in our metal workshops is as rigorous as the treatment of the professional models. This guarantees that the Henri Selmer Paris sound identity is found as well on the Axos, a delicate balance between rich harmonics and roundness of sound.

- Key: E-flat
- Leather pads, metal resonator
- Finish: colorless lacquer, engraved
- Henri SELMER Paris S80 C* mouthpiece
- Seles case


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SKU:  ae00-8321^52AXOS
Manufacturer Part #:  52AXOS
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