Mesa Boogie Gold Mine Overdrive Pedal FP.GOLDMINE

SKU:  ae00-10647
Manufacturer Part #:  FP.GOLDMINE

Gold Mine™ tops the gain spectrum with soaring, smooth high gain that tips the hat to Boogie, but also includes a harmonic edge that’s borderline Brit in character. Not that you can’t dial gain back for sweet, subtle overdrive, you can, but the true character emerges as gain goes up and heavier saturation begins. Up there, a violin-like quality infuses single notes with saturation that blends attack and sustain with near perfection in pedal form, while keeping the emotion in your playing at the forefront of the mix.

Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie


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SKU:  ae00-10647^FP.GOLDMINE
Manufacturer Part #:  FP.GOLDMINE
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