Mesa Boogie Dynaplex British Crunch Overdrive Pedal FP.DYNAPLEX

SKU:  ae00-10646
Manufacturer Part #:  FP.DYNAPLEX

DynaPlex™ goes straight to the heart of mid gain Brit, beyond Classic Crunch and '70s Rock sounds with a tactile feel and truly versatile, broad gain range. Whether feeding on Single Coils or Humbuckers, the personality shines through in the most classic of ways with a ripping harmonic edge and cracking attack filled with attitude. A treasure trove of crunch rhythm awaits at the lower end of the Gain control, fatness and liquidity creep in just where you’d expect when gain is cranked for single note work, both keeping dynamic excitement front and center.

Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie


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SKU:  ae00-10646^FP.DYNAPLEX
Manufacturer Part #:  FP.DYNAPLEX
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