Roland TD-4KP-S V-Drums Portable Set


Unfold and Play at the Gig
Roland V-Drums Portable TD-4KP features an innovative foldable design

Intensive Training in Your Room
The compact design of the V-Drums Portable is perfect for homes, as it greatly minimizes the space needed for playing as well as storage. For students practicing at home, the Coach and Quick Rec functions will help improve their skills, especially during private practice sessions with headphones.

Quick Setup and Breakdown
Extend the stand, raise the pipe, rotate the pads, and power on - you're good to go!

Innovative Kick Pad
Kick pad and pedal plate are built in the rack.

Quick and Clean
The V-Drums Portable kit is equipped with unique features for fast, easy setup. Quick Release enables instant positioning and folding of the cymbals with one-touch operation. Cable holders neatly bunch the cables as well as provide storage for a drum key or cable plug.

Expressive, Dynamic
Dynamic sounds, cymbal chokes, delicate hi-hat nuances - V-Drums Portable provides a natural and comfortable drumming experience.

Model: TD-4KP-S
Manufacturer: Roland
Roland TD-4KP-S V-Drums Portable Set
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