Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 (2.PROD)


The Mesa/Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 amp head puts you in command of serious bass tone. With four KT88s in its engine room, the Bass Prodigy gives you that heady sense of "big air" you can only get from a tube bass amp. At full power, this compact beast puts out the loudest 250 watts you've ever experienced. Flip the full/half power switch and you've got a studio-friendly 125 watts. You get inputs voiced for Normal and Vintage, fixed bias for maintenance-free operation, and copious tone shaping courtesy of the Mesa/Boogie Bass Prodigy's Active/Passive semi-parametric EQ.

The Mesa/Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 head is proof positive that big sound comes in smallish packages. With three 12AX7 preamp tubes and four KT88s in the power section, the Bass Prodigy serves up the harmonically rich, huge-sounding bass tone that you can only get from pure tube amps.

Mesa/Boogie's Bass Prodigy Four:88 lets you choose to use all four power tubes (producing 250 watts) or just two of them (which gives you a recording or small-club-friendly 125 watts). And don't forget that we're talking tube watts here, they're much, much louder than wimpy solid-state watts!

Mesa/Boogie has packed their Bass Prodigy Four:88 head with a host of features to make your life on the road easier. You get fixed bias for dependable, maintenance-free performance, an external switching jack, two tuner outputs, fan cooling, and even an included slip cover.

Model: 2.PROD
Manufacturer: Mesa Boogie
Mesa Boogie Bass Prodigy Four:88 (2.PROD)
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