Snare Drums

    CB Percussion IS574 Snare Kit with Cymbal

  • 14" Chrome Snare Shell
  • Adjustable Height Stand
  • 5B Pair Of Wood Tip Drum Sticks
  • Splash Cymbal

  • Model: IS574
    Manufacturer: CB Percussion
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    Regular Price: $169.95
    Sale Price $109.95
    Mapex  Armory Series Peacemaker 5.5" X 14" Snare Drum - Maple & Walnut (ARMW4550KCAI)
    The Mapex 5.5" x 14" Armory Peacemaker Snare Drum features a 7-ply maple/walnut hybrid shell to give you a warmth and depth surprising for a drum of this size, with enough power to hold down the law of the land when things in the band get loud and feisty.

    The SONIClear Bearing Edge (standard on all Armory wood shell models) allows the drumhead to sit flat and tune effortlessly and respond with a strongerfundamental pitch.

    - 45 Inner Edge
    - 30 Rounded Outer Edge
    - Flat-Cut Top Edge

    The Piston Strainer with Vertical Throw-Off enables a quick, comfortable, and smooth operation and prevents snare wire tension changes during play

    The precison tooled Solid Steel Armory Tube Lugs deliver greater tuning accuracy and shell stability while giving the drum an elegant yet modern appearance.

    The premium Stainless Steel Snare Wire with Brass End-Plates respond with a warm and crisp snap across a wide dynamic range.

    The Remo USA Coated Ambassador Batter Head is a medium-weight single-ply that produces a warm, open, and resonant sound with a fat attack. It is the player's standard for all sbare heads.

    The Peacemaker is a great option for drummers who want a snare that speaks a little higher and poppier than deeper drums, with extremely clear articulation and a snappy edge to the sound.

    - 7-Ply Maple/Walnut Shell
    - Warm with Surprising Depth
    - SONIClear Bearing Edges
    - Tube-Design Lugs
    - 2.3mm Power Hoop

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    Regular Price: $399.00
    Sale Price $189.00
    Pearl M1330 Piccolo Snare Drum

    The M1330 Piccolo Snare Drum features a 6 ply maple shell, steel hoops, and 8 T-055 tension rods. It works well as either a secondary effect or primary snare drum.

    Color: #114 Liquid Amber

    Model: M1330-114
    Manufacturer: Pearl
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    Regular Price: $370.00
    Sale Price $199.00
    Pearl SK900C Snare Drum Kit & Case with Wheels

    Model: SK900C
    Manufacturer: Pearl
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    Sale Price $204.95
    Puresound B1420 Blaster Series Snare Wires
    Blaster Series snare wires are professional quality snares developed for high volume, high intensity drumming.

    Available in 10, 12, 13, and 14" models, the Blaster Series features medium-gauge wire, providing increased snare presence. The snares were developed for high-volume, high-intensity drumming. The exclusive angled end plates create greater snare wire contact across the surface of the drumhead, providing increased response.
  • Designed for 10,12, 13, and 14" snare drums
  • Premium-grade steel-alloy wires developed for high volume, high intensity drumming
  • Exclusive bent end clips offer increased snare response and projection
  • Steel coil produces a quick and crisp snare response
  • All PureSound Snare Wires are designed and manufactured in the USA

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    Sale Price $19.99